Piece of Cake

When Kim Kelzer tells you she has a background in painting and cake decorating, you aren’t surprised. Her furniture, with its rounded edges, whimsical overtones and unusual colors, would look right at home atop a very, very large birthday cake or in a Dr. Seuss book. It has little to do with clean, tight lines and sinuous wood grain and everything to do with spontaneity, whimsy and humor. It’s that balance of function and sense of humor that drives Kim’s work. “I approach each piece from a functional standpoint first,” she says, “but then try to make it unique. Have it say something about its use or the user.”

Her initial interest in wood came early, if with a little attitude. “I took woodshop in high school. I was one of the first girls to take it, mostly because the class was full of boys and it really pissed off my father.” It did, however, also appeal to her creative side and a desire to make things. A desire that eventually led her to San Jose State University and a degree in painting.

The full text of this article is available in the Fall issue of Artisan Northwest.

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