I just finished interviewing sculptor Anthony Howe for this issue. After talking to him and seeing his kinetic sculptures, I was inspired, not just to drive up to Orcas Island and see his sculpture garden, but to go out and do something grand like those sculptures. Or at the very least go out and listen to the wind on a blustery night.

Unfortunately not everyone is moved by art. Recently a friend told me she “wasn’t into all that artsy stuff,” referring to the visual arts scene. I think I said something diplomatic like, “Well, it’s not for everyone,” but what I wanted to say—and thinking back probably should have—was, “Your loss. It’s a spectacular experience.”

I should have told her to give it another try because there’s nothing like it—whether it’s absorbing an artist’s subtle message or experiencing a thunderous wake-up call that changes your life. It’s an exciting and beautiful conversation without words.

In this issue we have a variety of art, from large outdoor sculptures to extremely small watercolors. And we hope you enjoy the conversation!